Bitdefender Av 2009 Disappearance Problem

OK, here's the problem that have been happening on all 3 times I reformat my hard drive to attempt to resolve this problem, but to no avail. After using BitDefender AV 2009 for some time, I noticed something was wrong. I noticed the following symptoms:

  1. Scan activity window is missing from the screen
  2. BitDefender icon no longer appear on the taskbar
  3. Not one virus alert appear on the screen
  4. Phishing protection is permanently switched off

Apart from that everything appear to be alright. The basic anti-virus real-time protection is still on, although not only the phishing protection but also the instant messaging protection was turned off. The same thing happened when I tried re-installing (uninstall then install). I haven't quite looked at the processes in services.msc, but I know the process "BitDefender Virus Shield" is set to Automatic (at the time I perform a solution suggested by BitDefender Support.

Do anyone know how to resolve this problem?


  • I hope I did not ask in the wrong forum. If so, I hope someone can transfer this thread to the appropriate place.

    I appreciate any replies that can resolve this problem.