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Customer Service Frustration


I don't expect immediate resolution of problems but I do expect common service curtesy.

I initially reported a problem to BD support via email and in due course was offered some suggested fixes that did not work. Silence then followed so I raised the issue in this forum which prompted a resumption of email communication (see copy of history below).

I was then offered further suggestions that did not work and finally received an email request for further system information via completion of a compressed .rar file.

Openning the .rar file doesn't work with basic Win applications so I had to research then download a "zip" program that would open the file. Emailing a reply did not work because most email applications won't accept zip/exe file attachments. BD's "Niels" kindly provided a solution on this forum (see history below) by suggesting I use an "online file host".

I did this and because I don't like the thought of leaving my system details on the internet for too long, asked via email that BD Support advise me when they had downloaded the "online file" so that I could delete it.

Does it take nearly a week to answer a simple email? Apparently it does. I wish I had that luxury where I work.

On another tangient regarding my technical problem (which seems to be a compatibility issue). My experience to date with BD Support with this type of issue is to start deleting programs until we find the one that is incompatible. Seems reasonable but has BD ever considered issuing a list of known BD incompatible programs? I have seen other Antivirus providers do this and it might save some time to both BD and its customers.


Problem message on logout:

"Runtime Error!Probram: C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2009\vsserv.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."

This problem occurs on most logout/restart occasions.


Win XP Home Edition Sp3 and BD Antivirus 2009 (v12.0.11.5)


BD support were provided with their usual reports and suggested that I delete Win Defender and Arcsoft (Photostudio 2000) products, remove BD and reinstall etc, which I did with no change in the frequency of the problem. [Ticket ID:200902061012983]


I have deleted a few other old programs and some old Nero obsolete hotkeys. I have removed and reinstalled BD a few times with and without a firewall installed etc. The "error" message still occurs on most restart/log outs.


Has anyone any thoughts or successful fix solutions?

ps. I tried the "language" fix and the BD "option adjustment" fixes referred to when the 2008 problem was reported.

This seems to be some sort of incompatibility problem and more an annoyance than a fatal problem but what would I know? and BD support has ceased communication concerning the matter.

Forum Question:

I have had problems lately returning BD email attachment tools to BD Support to enable them to assist me with a BD 2009 problem.

BD Support has forwarded me tools via email such as sysdump.tar, and on another occassion, SIW.rar to provide them with my system details.

My problem has been that Hotmail and Google Mail would not accept these files/tools as attachments when I attempted to reply to the BD Support request and Outlook Express accepted the attachments but would not send the email. (I won't go into the hassle I had expanding the compressed .rar file because I eventually managed it.)

Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it just me?

Dear peterc,

If it still fails after changing the extension you can upload it to an online file host and just provide the download link.

Kind regards,


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Thank you Niels.

The hosting site suggestion worked well.

Regards, Peter

Should I say the suggestion appeared to work but one would never know as noone at BD seems to acknowledge receipt of the information.