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Rescue Cd

edited February 2022 in The Archive

Dear I download Bitdefender rescue cd but I have question

it is based on knoppix linux so can I remaster it I mean add new program and create bootable usb and add another linux antivirus like Avast a, Kaspersky , ... etc ( for Home user onely )



  • Unknown

    Hello kosay85,

    From what I understand you wish to create your own live CD and have BitDefender, as a scanner, installed together with other security solution. In order to do this you will need to install BitDefender for Unices on a Linux OS together with the other security solutions, then search google for the procedure on how to create a live CD and make an image of that operating system in order to boot the system from it.

    The link for downloading BitDefender for Unices can be accessed here:

  • kosay85

    Thank you for your replay

    I start remaster fedora linux and build new live CD witch contain multi AV for unices

    I well not remaster Bitdefender or any other AV's rescue CD because I don't whant to have illigale live CD

    finally thank you