Help - Bitdefender Threat Scanner Takes Alot Storage Space

Good afternoon,

unfortunately I recognized that the BitDefender Threat Scanner occupied about 50 GB memory space. This can not be usual.

I have BitDefender Total Secruity 2009 installed and my Operating System is Windows Vista 64 Bit.

The path where BitDefender is located is C:\Program Files\BitDefender

But I found another BitDefender folder, which has 4 subfolders.

Path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender

Subfolders: BitDefender Arrakis Server ; BitDefender Firewall ; BitDefender Threat Scanner ; BitDefender Update Service

The size of the Threat Scanner has been mentioned allready and contains following objects: folders numbered consecutively from "av64bit_9425" to "av64bit_10882" and a few Plug Ins. The "ava-folders" have a size from 30-100 MB.

The other 3 folders are from 1-5 MB big.

Deleting was not possible´, because I needed permission of BitDefender Total Secruity. (like the files were in use)

How can I fix this enormous waste of storage place?

Imagehoster -


Content - BitDefender Threat Scanner - 1

Content - BitDefender Threat Scanner - 2


  • cbeiu
    edited March 2009

    This is an issue that can be easily solved. All you have to do is restart the computer in Safe Mode, browse to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Threat Scanner\" and delete all folders av64bit_XXXX EXCEPT for the folders with the two largest XXXX numbers (in other words you should be left with 2 folders av64bit_XXXX where XXXX is the largest and the second largest among all the folders).

  • Thank you very much. It worked perfectly.

    Hence this and my other thread can be closed.

  • Glad to hear that, Babywolf! :rolleyes:

    I will close this and your other topic from the DE forums.

  • I have reopened this topic at Babywolf's request. It seems that within the day the Threat Scanner folder has picked up 2GB in size.

  • We have to investigate the possible cause that makes BitDefender not to delete the extra (old) signature folders from your Common Files.

    Please download this support tool to your computer and run it. Follow the instructions on screen and when the tool ends the information collecting process press Finish. A folder will be generated on your desktop, send it to us.

    You can upload it to one of our FTP servers:


    user: ccsubmit-write00

    pass: XM6wD6a(M]25


  • Babywolf
    edited March 2009

    Thank you for your support but unfortunately the link is broken.

    It says:

    "BitDefender - Page Not found"

    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    The link is working :)

    Use a FTP client like FileZilla ;)

  • Hi,

    I am glad to see that you fixed (or enabled) the link that fast.

    First time I used FTP and took some time to get it but the files has been uploaded.

  • The issue has been identified, tested and fixed internally. The fix will be released with the next major product update 12.0.12 (scheduled for the end of March).

  • Davo
    edited March 2009
    The fix will be released with the next major product update 12.0.12 (scheduled for the end of March).

    Yeah? what is that major product update that will be released soon at the end of March?

    Will it improve the heuristic / HIPS engine? which i really hope because alot of new Unknown dangerous Malware is "Bypassing" the Bitdefender2009 engine.

    tell us more info about this major upgrade please?

  • Babywolf
    edited March 2009

    I feel reassured to know that this problem will be fixed.

    So I do not need to restart the computer in Safe Mode anymore.

    All together the Treat Scanner folder has picked up 20 GB again since Mar 13 2009.

    I will break in on me if BD deletes these files automatically or if I have to erase them on my own.

    Well, and I guess we will know what this patch is about when the patch is released.