Uninstalled Bd - Registry Keys "not Removed"?


I un-installed BitDefender Total Security 2009 yesterday using the uninstall.exe. tool found on BD website.

Running the exe file, everything went well according to the info provided on the log window, except that upon completion of un-install, the log said "unable to or registry keys were not removed" with a red X mark.

I am not a very technologically advanced user and personally have never tampered with the registry keys, so I'm not willing to go there just "on my own".

Are thes registry keys going to be a problem in the future if I just leave them there? Is this the type of "left-overs" from removed softwares which, if it accumulates, could cause a malfunction of the system one day?

If these "left-over" BD registry keys are to be removed, can somebody kindly suggest a registry cleaning software that will do it without my having to tamper manually inside the registry keys, or guide me through the cleaning process?

Thanks a lot in advance for any support.

System info:

- Sony Vaio laptop, "7 months old"

- Vista 32 Home Premium

- available software for registry cleaning: NTREGOPT (not yet used since un-install of BD)

(Hi Niels, TKHgva here)


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    Please run BitDefender Uninstall Tool in Safe Mode :)

  • Dear Henso,

    Did you rebooted your pc? You should have done that. Otherwise you will see the red x. After you ran the uninstall tool the first time.

    Just run the removal tool one more time after you have rebooted the first time. You can always try what crysty2k5 said.

    registry leftovers can cause a slight system slowdown, but not that it's noticeable. It can cause conflicts when certain files are still on your hard disk. I am more speaking about security software.

    You can use glary utilities for example. That is a good free suite that is safe in use.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Niels & Crysty 2k5,

    Sorry about not replying earlier!

    I didn't get an email notification about replies to my post. I have to go to my fourm control panel to fix that. Really sorry.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

    I just wished to add that BD is already removed. Except that I have no way of knowing if those "registry keys" I posted about were removed, because the uninstall finish log said they were not. I'm not advanced enough technically to check directly in the registry myself (I'm actually a bit affraid of touching the registry for the time being. Need to learn more before touching the registry).

    Crysty 2k5,

    Thank you for the tip.

    Do you advise running uninstall tools or uninstalling important/large programs such as AVs in safe mode always?


    I'm not sure about what you meant about reboot I should've done: you mean I should've rebooted once straight after uninstall (that one I did), or reboot once just before running the uninstall tool?

    I ran the BD uninstal again anyway after reading your message. Naturally, most of the finish log was filled with Xs, because BD is removed. Registry Keys was also marked X.

    But I think it's ok (I hope). I'll run the program you linked for me, thanks, it looks like a good tool and it's free. Is that the same function as CCleaner? I already run CCleaner. Which between the both do you think is most complete as a program for cleaning up the computer system?

    Again, thanks a lot to the both of you. And thanks to the BitDefender Support Team in general. Kind people.

  • Hi Henso i have been in computers a long time i have yet to see a program that removes itself completely some other antivirus solutions leave over 100 dead reg entries. I use a registry cleaner have always done so. Remember every file you make even a txt file has a reg entery that does not go away when u delete or remove that txt file so after a year or so of installing u end up with hundreds of them. try a trial of jv 16. I have used it for many year's and it has never run a error, and does a good clean up job without having to pick out entries.

  • Henso
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    Dear Hammey,

    Thanks for posting.

    It's good (for novice users like me) to learn from advanced users about the registry. Because as novices, we hardly dare go near the registry, by fear of touching the wrong thing and then >blackout on the system. I've recently downloaded a registry guide (from PC Tools I think) to get to understanding the "unkonwn" territory in my system: The Registry.

    I've been installing / un-installing quite a few programs since I acquired the laptop 7 months ago, so I guess I'm in need of a good registry clean up. I checked the link you provided. Thanks! The software looks excellent. I saw the screenshots, it's really like a full/detailed registry utility, like in "advanced mode", except that it can be used by the novice because it automates the clean up.

    Is it any different in it's functioning than CCleaner, Glare Utilities or Registry Mechanic from PC Tools? I'm more asking if these tools basically do the same clean up job or if they work in a different way in the system, if some go "deeper" and are more effective than others, just curious to know & learn.

    Also, the reg entries left by for example Word docs that you mentioned, are those left in the registry? How come they don't "disapear" even after deleting the file/doc, it's not logical? Maybe that's in case the user deleted a file by mistake and needs to recuperate. Do these reg entries eventually get overwritten like the deleted data on the hard drive does, or do they just accumulate?

    Thanks again.

  • Well the main diffrence is jv 16 has been out for years like 11 and they have it down pretty good. I have tried others but they are always you have to choose something not good for new users jv 16 just finds dead entries you choose select all then remove it asks you to make a backup name and thats it , also the reg cleaner part of jv 16 only does the reg does not touch or clean up other files that u may want. For myself since i have used it for years and never had a prob so its the one i use and recommend. As i say i only use the regcleaner part of there program.