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Cannot Detect


I am using Bitdefender IS 2009 but only Symant*c 10 can detect and clean this virus

More detail about this virus here:



  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Can you provide a sample ?!

    Please pack the file(s) in an archive, protected with the password infected.

    Upload it on or other server and leave here the download link.

  • The virus sample is in the attachment.

    Because this forum does not allow uploading rar file, so , I changed the extension to .doc

    Therefore, after getting the attachment, revert it to .rar

    password is infected

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4906" data-fileid="4906" rel="">

  • csalgau

    File curently detected as Win32.Virtob.CM. Detection added around 10 PM GMT+2.

  • File curently detected as Win32.Virtob.CM. Detection added around 10 PM GMT+2.

    Sorry, but I have just updated my Bitdefender but it still could not detect any virus in that file

  • csalgau
    csalgau ✭✭
    edited March 2009

    Copy paste from scan with files that are currently available to users:

    Update time: Thu Mar 19 22:32:03 2009

    regrab_53219.old infected: Win32.Virtob.CM

    Please check for problems on your end(also, please check the file in the rar, not the password protected rar file).

  • binocular222
    edited March 2009

    Thank you, My Bitdefender can now detect that virus but there are still 3 things upset me:

    (1) Bitdefender can only quarantine, thus destroy the infected file. Symant*c can peacefully clean (disinfect) without deleting the file

    (2) The Bitdefender IS setup file, which I have just downloaded few minutes ago, does not contain the nessesary update. Therefore, after installation, it cannot detect Win32.Virtop.CM. So, when will the updated setup file is available to be downloaded?

    (3) It seems that Bitdefender does not have the view log function, therefore I cannot see which file was cleaned by Bitdefender - Right?

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    1. BitDefender is not Symant*c and Symant*c is not BitDefender.

    2. In april will be updated the kit.

    3. You have the scan log ;)

  • Soon we will add clean routine for this new variant of Virtob too. Since time was against us, I only added detection signature (a more elaborate algorithm must be created in order to clean the files).

    Best regards!

  • hoachy

    I have just had this and once I got Bd up and running agan it sorted most of it out .. thanks a lot :-)