Open Vault - Decryption, Compression


Fine mess I got myself into. I trusted the Vista was and had everything they claimed it did with regard to security. It did great from when I bought it in Oct 2008 to last Sun. March 16 about 2:00 PM. I have an Acer 4330 which I got on sale at the Wal-Mart. I enrolled in college in Dec. for Winter 2009 term. Three of four of my finals were Mon. 3/16 from 7:30 (Algebra) to 11:30 (Writing) then 5:30 pm was my (Computer Concepts) final. So, I'm crammin and jammin along getting my last Writing assignment done on the M-theory and haven't yet finished up my final edits and works cited when in comes this thing!!!!! It claimed I was under major attack by 86 bazillion viruses and other uglies which I have never had a problem with until that very moment. Anyway, to make a long story short, it is/was the infamous AVG or A360 virus pretending to be the long well-known and respected virus protection provider, yours truly. I have all of my Winter 2009 documents and research stuff stored in this Acer 4330. Who invented the User Access Control thing for which I had no warning of? They put that thing in there for people like me that don't know much I guess... I've only been a computer operator since the key punch days of the '70's you know and my knowledge is limited because I came from the cave>>>> LOL (Too much Plato and Kaku I guess). Hey, I've got my Winter Term in the Vault. I had to store it there whilst I had reload from Auto Recovery because I had the virus so bad in my system. I thought had a full backup of the system, as I made sure to do one and put it on the D: Vista drive (that ###### hidden thing)... It's quite a miracle I was able to get the M-Theory paper printed out before I had to leave for my Algebra final at 7:20 in the following morning. The bitdefender was the only product to promptly address the issue so I got the trial to bring my problem temporarily under control until I got finished with my paper by 5AM to get through the Monday finals. When I was finally able to, I put these Winter Term docs, compressed (because of my restricted space), to the (Online, right?) Vault to go to do the Auto Recover, the D drive was set at the DVD rom instead of the BackUp (###### hidden drive)! Well, anyway, no problem, got the recovery basic and adjusted stuff accordingly having already been through the learning curve...So, how do I decrypt my file which I finally figured out how to open? No problem if I messed up and can't get my Winter term research and assignments back, the Term is over. I gotta start a new Term here 3/30. I gotta know how this thing works. This is a Beta. I paid for something or other, but I need for this to work. Help me decrypt please. Thank you for saving my Final Day last Monday. I got 2 A's and a B so far and I'm waiting on the Writing Professor to come back with the verdict on the M-Theory. I am kind of confused, so let me know if I should come over there for a Live visit or you can come over here! I'm on Spring vacation this week until 3/30. Oh, I have a web cam. Thanks and have a nice day.


  • :rolleyes: My apologies for my abrupt language. These files may need to go to quarantine for disinfecting, if there is a way. I happened to think that, yes, of course they would be infected with the AVG thing although I will no longer use IE, I will use Firefox or Safari or whatever instead. So, then how do I get them to you for quarantine or inspection or the "reverse engineering" things you do to take this apart!! <img class=" /> Let me know what needs to be done and it will be.l Thanks again.