Router Login Fails

After my upgrade, I no longer was able to login to my router. I first thought it was the firewall but after 2 hours of experimenting, I found out it I had to do following:

1. Antivirus: set to Default, then use Custom Level and disable...

- scan http traffic

- scan files received over IM (both of them)

(setting Antivirus to Permissive gave me immediate access, btw)

2. General settings - Online security (from Basic Settings overview):

- Real-time Antivirus: first 2 options disabled (normally, this is already set via above config)

In essence, this disables primarily IM scan functionality: this is no big deal for me since I'm not using IM.

Note: I'm also using ZoneAlarm. Without above settings, I was not even able to browse most websites ?! But I did have internet access since I could eg run updates, and other non-browsing actions.

Something to look into for developers...


  • Thanks for reporting this. We are already aware of this issue and are currently working on a permanent fix in the product.