Bd 2009 And Orb Networks

I have BD 2009 TS installed on my PC and subscribe to ORB networks which is a service that allows me to stream all of my audio, video, and other files including live TV from my PC anywhere in the world using the internet. Recently I ran into a problem with downloading a program tv guide. ORB personnel tells me its my firewall blocking the incoming tv guide. I tried turning off the firewall and the tv guide still did not work. I uninstalled BD 2009 and the tv guide worked fine. When I reinstalled BD 2009 the program tv guide will not appear which is obvious that BD is the problem. I have two questions:

1) Is anyone familiar with ORB and this problem

2) How can I completely stop all BD services without having to uninstall the entire security suite


  • In order to investigate this issue we will need to have a look at some reports from your system - I have sent you an e-mail a couple of minutes ago requesting some information, please reply to it.