Without Courtesy .. Realness Of Bit Defender Security Defence !


i did some tests to bit defenderfirewall in this website


and it failed in some of these tests..fortunateley it is just tests..but what would happen in a real defence ?

is it capable to stop opened ports &close it ? is it able to kill snaeking processes as in Agnitum Outpost Firewall which get high levels in this site opposing bit defender results


i think that bit defender depends on viruses sighnatures without the security updatesfor applications ..we really in need to close the smaal pores which depends on it MSG dependance

the one question remaining and need an answer..

we as customers want the program to be in high levels and i see that Kaspersky internet security 2009 has a higher heuristic state compared ti bit defender

bit defender is a strong program but it starts to go down ti a critical point which makes the enemeis laugh!

where is the heuristic power bacause i really didn't found it effective 100% it is just 33% and this depresses me soo much

I hope to find a full answers from yuor technical support MS

and to discuss it seriousle ..



  • Sm3K3R
    Sm3K3R ✭✭✭

    Mr.NULL take a look at the below links when it comes to malware detection ,for on demand and proactive detection of BD 2009 suites :



    Look also at the russian suite.

    Any experienced user would recommend you a 3 layered aproach when it comes to computer security.If the BD firewall is not good enough for you and if you dont have a router ,try some other firewall ,there are a lot of them for free.Matousec tests are HIPS tests.

    In BD 2009 there is also Behaviour blocker so you can enable that,if you like popups.

    Best Regards!

  • when i did some tests to the firewall of bit defender in this site


    it fails in more than one test !

    please i want from the supervisors of the support not to edit my replies

    and give me my freedom in writing

    and i will give u some vedeos to clear some points

    to make bit defender as best as possible!!

    so please cooperate wuth me till we reach the great results

    .. i will come back to add them

    please help me not in edit my replies ..


  • Sm3K3R
    Sm3K3R ✭✭✭

    Mr.NULL, does your computer pass this pure firewall test http://www.grc.com/intro.htm ?

  • We have been working on solving this issue for some time now. At the end of this month we will send a new kit for testing to Matousec and we are expecting to be in the top list of firewalls. Even with the current kit, BitDefender makes sure the ports are closed and port scan attacks are detected and blocked.

    BitDefender is constantly working on improving the detection rate of its engines. The latest AV-comparative test shows that BitDefender has one of the highest detection rates.