What A Waste Of Money

I am so disappointed with the Bitdefender product. I purchased Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 from Office Max with 3 licenses. I was able to get it installed after two attempts on my computer and it would not load on my girlfriend's computer after 3 tries. I have had unanswered emails from tech support regarding some issues with cookies. I got a number for customer service after doing the live chat and I was disconnected after selecting to speak to a representative. I did this 5 times. Since I have put the product on my computer, I have spent more time messing with the software to try to get things to work than I have being able to do my own work. Apparently, I cannot get a refund because I bought it at a store even though there is a 30 day guarantee. So, now I am out money and I have antivirus software that I cannot get any issues resolved due to shoddy tech support.

Yesterday, I had a live chat regarding the cookie issue. I sent information back to tech support via email regarding my system information and bitdefender information. I have not heard a peep from tech support regarding the issue. The website shows a toll-free number that is no longer in use. Apparently, Bitdefender does not want to be contacted. I think it is poor business practice to offer 24-7 support when it is false.


  • maybe you can't install BD because some virus so you must PC with bitdefender rescue cd then to complite remove bitdefender with this tool


    Note this is for windows 32 bit for more you can read this


    and after that you can install BD

  • In order to help you resolve the issue with the install we will need you to provide us with more details as to what exactly happens when you try to install BitDefender - if possible please post a screenshot on this thread of the error message that you receive while installing.

    The refund policy for resellers is unique to every store that sells BitDefender and we do not have control over this - this is why Customer Service asked you to contact that store for a refund. Concerning the e-mail that my colleague has sent you, after the chat session the response time for e-mails is 24/48 hours so at the moment that ticket is in the projected time-frame. That issue with the cookie control may be caused by multiple things and this is why he requested those reports.

    I have just sent you an e-mail in reply to ticket ID 200903241000971 - please reply to it when you have the time.

  • I regret 2 find out that bitdefender gave u as much headache as it gave me...it is a hassle and a waste of money, I agree...I had very similar problems with their product and especially their lame, sub-standard service.

    I intend 2 ask my credit card 2 assist me in recovering my hard earned money.

  • Why don't you use 2 some more? I just thought I would say that 2 you...Bitdefender is great. 10 bucks says it is your fault.

  • Wow, Cristiantx is just 2 much!

    Znpro: Maybe he is right about BD 2009. I installed BDIS2009 on 2 computers and the older, slower, computer loaded it nicely and it runs. The newer & faster computer simply will not work correctly with BDIS2009 installed. Many hours were fiddled away on computer #2 B4 I gave up and loaded BDIS2008 on it, works just fine now. 2 bad 4 2009.

    Fungus 2