Turning Off "ping" (echo)

Help with BDIS 2008 needed.

I can't turn off ICMP ECHO (ping). I do go to the Settings, Firewall, Advanced, and click "Block all ICMP Traffic" but ping answer remains active.

I have been testing this with http://www.grc.com/default.htm ShieldsUP.

I would expect the blocking of all ICMP traffic to stop my computer from answering ping requests.

Please don't tell me to remove and re-install BD, I did that too many times trying to get BD2009 working. 2008 works just fine but I want ping requests ignored.



  • Hello fungus,

    Are you behind any router/proxy server? If you are, then the router/proxy server are the ones actually replying to the ICMP requests and BitDefender can't do much to prevent them from replying to ICMP messages. BitDefender protects your computer and cannot, in any way, filter the traffic for your router.


  • Cris

    I was thinking about that after I posted the question. I think you are right, my router is answering the ping request.