Bitdefender Clash With Trendmicro Officescan?

Hi. My work computer runs TrendMicro OfficeScan, controlled by the Network Administrator. I am not impressed with it, so I like to supplement it with better products. I have been using Windows Defender and Spybot Search & Destroy, but wanted a more robust antivirus software.

My research found that BitDefender is far and away the best program in three important categories...complete protection, speed of scan, and drain on resources. I excitedly downloaded the trial version of Total Security 2009 on my work computer and both of my home computers to test it before I buy it.

-Home computer 1 is a Dell Inspirion with Vista Home Premium. BD works great, along with Windows Defender, Spybot and Stopzilla.

-Home computer 2 is a Dell Latitude with Windows XP Professional sp2, 32 bit. BD works great with Windows Defender and Spybot.

-Work computer is a Dell Latitude with Windows XP Professional sp2, 32 bit. TrendMicro OfficeScan, Windows Defender and Spybot have all worked together with no problem. As soon as I loaded BD my computer came to a SCREECHING HALT. It took an hour to boot and shut down, if it completed at all. When it did boot, each command took about 5-10 minutes to complete and it usually locked up. I had a hard time uninstalling it as well. It did not work via Windows Add/Remove or via BD Uninstall from start menu. I couldn't even delete the files because they were protected. I ultimately found this forum while searching for a way to uninstall. The uninstall download that I found here worked well, and I am back to normal.

Okay, now my question is...Is there any way to use BD along with TrendMicro? I would really like to use it, but I can't afford any more problems. Please help, or tell me to move on. Thanks!


  • I would ask your network admin but im sure he does not want you installing programs on his network. It is never good to run more than one antivirus at a time as they conflict.