Bd Is 2009 Issues

Just installed BD IS 2009 as my BD IS 2008 was about to expire. While IS 2008 had it's issues it basically worked well. The new install is a nightmare! I'm spending more time just trying to get it configured and working properly then I did for an entire year with IS 2008.

  1. Vunerability issues - When not enabled a constant reminder to fix. When enabled Windows Updates would not work. Fixed this sort of by adding Firewall rules to allow wuauclt.exe and wupdmgr.exe to connect. Now, updates will download but will not indicate a Windows install option. I want to have Windows alert me when downloads are available and let me choose to download. I also want to have the option of when to install these updates. BD IS 2009 doesn't allow this. I have to open BD>Vunerability>Status and double-click on the issues to install them. If I disable monitoring for updates I then get a Fix issue notice and the taskbar icon displays the issue icon. This is plain wrong. Let Windows do it's update thing the way I want, not how BD wants it.
  2. Bitdefender services temporarily unavailable - This will appear after a few hours of working normally and the dreaded issue icon appears in the taskbar. The issue is always that BD is not set for automatic updating but I have set this every time the services are available. The only option available to see this is by using the Basic Setting option in the taskbar icon. I then see that automatic updates are not enabled. I attempt to enable it there but the setting does not stick. Every time I re-open the Basic Settings the automatic updates option is disabled.
  3. Online security in Basic Settings - Real-Time Antivirus, Antispanm & Antiphising Mail Protection cannot be Enabled. After enabling it, closing and reopening Basic Settings is shows as being Disabled. What's the good of having the ability select an option if it doesn't retain that setting?

The Bitdefender services temporarily unavailable issue is a particular nuisance. Never, ever had this issue with BD IS 2008. I have been using BD for a couple of years now and really like the product (up until now). It has been a good value, reliable anti-virus and firewall program without bringing the system to it's knees like some other unnamed AV products. I know that one has to take the time to study and read all the configuration options for this type of product in order to get the maximum benefit from it but IS 2009 has become way too complicated.

I guess what I'll have to do is what I always do. Find another AV/Firewall option that is effective yet doesn't require constant attention and maintenance.