Tons Of Errors, Multiple Re-installs



I did my normal thing with a new pc. I dumped Norton and installed BD. This is the first BD IS 2009 I have tried to install.

I have wasted so much time with this and have other things to do, let me be brief.

After the 9th install, it finally took hold. Now, the program has decided to update itself and it cannot process its own windows tmp files that it creates...duh??

Look, I have neither the time nor inclination to write a novel of almost two days of down time, but let me be succint.

This program used to be a good running, thin interface alternative. It is now problem filled.

The latest problem is that the thing has crashed withing 8 hours of a clean install - done in the 9th hour of trying to install it.

Windows Vista, 32 bit, IS 2009, Vista Home Premium, 2.4 GHZ Intel Dual Quad, 3 GB RAM

Crashed and the .dmp file is nowhere to be found.

This thing just decides to crash because it cannot read its own .tmp files it is creating, the last one being bdcC401.tmp

Once I got a clean install, I should have just turned automatic update off!! Miserable.

Anyway, since your .dmp file is not where it is supposed to be, can you clue me in where you dump them??

Also, when I try your uninstall tool, it leaves the registry settings, meaning that I cannot install an alternative security program. At this point, I am simply going to uninstall, chargeback, and reinstall an alternative (you used to be the alternative, but now you have hacked your program as bad as McAfee and Symantec). But, I need a clean uninstall. Should I need to strip the HD and start over with a brand, spanking new pc, I will not be happy.

Either provide a good and simple solution, including the proper location for your error files so that I do not have to spend another wasted hour looking for it, or simply give me an uninstall program that works.

I cannot believe that I spent 9 hours getting this thing to work for it to be crashed by YOUR own update...geez!!


  • kemyst

    I am up to install #3 and experiencing pretty much the same issues on a Windows Vista Business (32bit) laptop. My ASUS PC was riginally installed with Norton and more recently AVG (until that product was ruined by bloatware). My system crashes on startup every time & needs a battery removal followed by safe mode to disable the BD AV module. The only way to get my PC back from the dead is to remove BD.

    Given that it kills my entire system when the software is installed, its pretty damned hard to capture any of the info the helpdesk wants.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for us Windows Vista users that are experiencing complete system crashes when installing this software?

  • kungfu
    edited March 2009

    I have almost the same pc as yours : Windows Vista, 32 bit, IS 2009, Vista Home Premium, 2.4 GHZ Intel Dual Quad, 3 GB RAM

    And have a 3 pc license but on my Vista pc I gave it up see

    Have tried it for a long time and have uninstalled/reinstalled it even more time then you have also on a new/clean pc but gave it up and switched AV So...

    Do have to say the "administrsators" seems to got better at the forum but that isnot too hard ;) , Even my suggestion Months ago of the forum lay out seems to have been improved,

  • It is sooooo frustrating to deal with BD !

    I purchased it based on Consumer Reports' recommendation and I am deeply regretting the decision...

    The previous protection I had for the last three yrs,Trend Micro, has been wonderful and I made the mistake 2 change to BD !

    I went through similar experiences as U since I installed BD 2 wks ago...despite numerous e-mails (unanswered ) 2 the tech support and several hours of unanswered calls 2 the alleged "non-stop" tech support 954-928-2780 listed for the USA, I will get rid of it and ask 4 my money back.

  • fungus


    Remember that Consumer Reports recommended BDIS-2008, not 2009. I use 2008 and it loaded properly and works properly. I'm not complaining about it and I'm not going to upgrade to 2009.

    I'd also say that the new forum does seem to offer better support than the older version did. I have however called BD telephone support a few times but received no answers.

    If BD support can't help you then buy something else, don't let this drag you down. Once loaded and operational, BD does work.