How Can We Fix Firewall Problem In Bitdefender Total Security 2009 ?

Salam, well my name is abdul rehman. Am here new and want some help.. since yesterday my bitdefender is not scanning anything and its firewall also blocked i guess and i cannot fixing it.. I m also attaching picture plz give me some hint which help me and thats will be very appreciating...

Thank you

Abdul Rehman



  • Hello,

    In your screenshot I see that you have 0 days left of your BitDefender subscription. If your BitDefender license expires, then BitDefender will stop working (which means the AV won't scan anything and the firewall will stop).

    Is your BitDefender license still valid?


  • buddy i did not buy bitdenfender total security 2009 i've just downloaded and can not buy also cause of out of my range and i dont have credit card too...

    i've used patch file and its incressed my duration and you can see in my picture... but its working great now cause yesterday i repaired it but firewall was enable but not scanning anything so i thought i should install it again then i uninstall it... and its working perfect now...!

    i've used many antivirus but as a speed as a working i found its perfect from others its my choice...

    thanks anyways for your guidence...

    Abdul Rehman


  • alexcrist
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    Great move, "buddy". You come on the Official BitDefender Technical Support Forum telling us how you used a "patch" to extend your licensing period. I must say, I'm really impressed.

    TOPIC CLOSED and 30 days suspension. I'll leave it to the official members to decide if you should be banned permanently or not.


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