Wireless Network Connectivity

I have installed Total security 2009 on my computer. I am not able to figure out, why it will let me connect to some wireless network (my home, my work, and my friend’s house) but does not let me connect to some other wireless network. First time at work it asked me it found a new network and it is making a new rule. But it does not do that for some other networks. I was in a hotel in Orlando and it will not let me connect to the hotel wireless network (same at the Panera Bread, and at Orlando Airport). I uninstalled it while I was in the hotel, and I was able to access the hotel's network without problem. How can I fix it? How does it decide which wireless network to allow and which to on? What do I have to change in the firewall settings? Or I have change something upon installation (I chose basic installation) and have set no rules/values for anything? Thanks