Disabling Features I Don't Use


Hi there, I've been using various BitDefender products for a couple of years now and recently I switched to Total Security 2009, which, I think, is an outstanding product. However, there are a couple of things that bother me. One of them is the context menu items that Total Security installs. Yes, there are other features of TS'09 that I personally have no need for (Parental control, Backup, Vulnerability Check and others), but most of them can be switched off through the various configuration menus. Call me a control freak, if you find it appropriate here, but I just don't like having stuff on my PC that I did not consciously put there myself and have no use for and thus having to look at 2 additional context menu items every time I click on a file does get a tad annoying.

So I was wondering if there is a way how to disable them? Through a registry key, or some other hidden configuration options?

I have always enjoyed the customizability of BD and the options I have to make it work just the way I like it... maybe adding a couple more check boxes to the configuration screens would be a good idea? =)

Thank you!


  • alexcrist

    Hello Excessum,

    The File Vault can be disabled from the BitDefender Security Center (Advanced Mode) -> Encryption -> File Vault. Just uncheck the File Vault is enabled checkbox and you're done.

    About the File shredder, currently there's no way to disable the shell integration.