Problem Deleting Files From File Vault


I have successfully created a BD 2009 “File Vault” and can easily add files to it then open it and view the files, copy the files, and so on. I can also delete the files from within the file vault (which is located on a virtual drive labeled F:\) but when I do delete the files form the File Vault it moves them to a folder (that BD automatically creates it’s self) and calls it “F:\recycler”

Problem is that I then cannot delete the “F:\recycler” folder from the BD File Vault. This means that any file I delete from my File Vault gets moved to the F:\Recycler folder, where it then remains in the Recycler folder and continues to use up my hard drive space! When I tell BD to delete the F:\recycler folder (using the BD program interface) it returns the error message “Access denied. Make sure that the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use”

I can not “see” this mysterious “F:\recycler” folder anywhere on my computer and it’s not a “hidden” file/folder as I have my computer (a WinXP) set to show hidden files and folders.

Seems ridiculous to me that a file I choose to delete from my BD File Vault then hides away and continues to take up valuable hard space.

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  • Ok worked out the problem with the recycler bin for myself! If I deleted the files from the file vault using the BD Advanced View interface it didn't seem to work correctly. BUT! If I switched back to Basic View and then used the "wizard" to remove the files from my File Vault it seems to work correctly! Phew!!!

  • alexcrist

    Hello sean@oz,

    I want to say just two things:

    1) There's a very easy way to delete files and skipping the Recycle Bin. When deleting files, if you don't want Windows to move them to Recycle Bin (and you want them to be permanently deleted), you can simply keep the SHIFT key pressed when you delete the file. (for instance, select the file(s) you want to delete and press SHIFT+Del. Windows will then as you if you want to permanently delete the file(s) ).

    2) The Recycle Bin folder is more than a Hidden Folder. Just like System Volume Information, it's also a System folder. Windows XP (and newer) has a separate option for showing/hiding System files and folders (called Hide protected operating system files). More details here:

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