Turning Firewall Off - Still Blocking Access


I started trying out BitDefender 2009 Total Security today.

I was having trouble accessing a network drive that was mapped to my computer as Z:

My computer would completely freeze up and the hard drive light would stay on solid. Control-Alt-Delete would not do anything.

I pulled the plug on the Dell Dimension 1100 with SP3 and turned off the BitDefender firewall and restarted. But even after that I could not access the network drive mapped to drive Z:

I had to uninstall BitDefender all together in order to access the mapped drive.

Is there some other setting besides 'firewall' that would be blocking access to a mapped drive?



  • Please try this procedure:

    Start-> Run, cmd [Enter]

    - cd "c:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Firewall"

    - For Vista: setloadorder -dep:tdx bdftdif

    - For Xp: setloadorder -dep:tcpip bdftdif

    Now restart the PC and try to see if you can access the mapped drive.