Never Scanned For Malware, Never Updated And Can't Connect To Home Network



Im having a few issues with BitDefender Total Security 2009 I currently have it installed on 5 of my home PCs in the form of trial versions.

On one PC it works fine but on another it always says that its never been updated, on another says its never been scanned for malware and another says both even though I have updated and scanned all of them.

Another issue I have is that none of my computers can connect to the BitDefender home network. I used the same password on all of them but it doesn't seem to find any of the computers on my network when I give either the computer name or IP address.

Im trying to convince everyone in my home to use it but they won't if it keeps poping up with annoying messages about never being scanned or updated when it has been.

If anyone has any solutions or suggestions I would be very grateful.


  • alexcrist

    Hello mib2347,

    I noticed this kind of behavior (issues appearing when they shouldn't) when the history file has gotten corrupted for some reason. To fix it, open the History (in BitDefender Security Center, on the lower-right corner of the window, there's a button called History). If the history file is corrupted, it will ask you if you want to create a new one. Click Yes.

    Then just rescan/update BitDefender, and the issues should be fixed.

    About the Home Management problem, I don't know. I'm not using that feature, and I'm not familiar with the problems that might arise while using it. Hopefully, an official Tech Support member of this forum will give you an answer.


  • For the Home Management issue please use the suggestions detailed in this thread: