Pc Defragmenter


When I run the PC Defragmenter wizard, the result on every drive is "You do not need to defragment this volume." If I close the wizard, the "issue" does not resolve. The only way I can get the "issue" to resolve is to choose the smallest, least changed volume and run the defragment procedure. There should be a way for the system or the operator to indicate no defragmentation needed and clear the "issue."

Very frustrating for the wizard to say you don't have to run the process but you have to run the process any way to clear the "issue."


  • I will forward your request to the appropriate team in order to see how we can implement this feature in the product. As a workaround, you can uncheck in Basiv View the "Yes" option for Monitoring the running of the Disk Defragmenter.

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