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Email Scan Disabled


Hi: I recently switched from Kaspersky to Bitdefender 2009 because of the high rating in Consumer Reports and PC World. Installation went OK. I am concerned because I looked at the scan log after a scan and noticed "email scan=no" I then went to basic settings and under Online Security I saw that "Real Time Antivirus Mail Protection was disabled. OK, I put a check in the box and now Mail Protection is "enabled".

I do another scan, look at the log and again "email scan=no". Again, I go back to settings and the Real Time Mail Protection is "disabled". Every time I open settings, check "enable" for mail and close the settings, the Mail Protection feature is disabled and real time email scans are not performed.

I really want to like the product, but I'm paranoid right now that I am not protected against a virus attack through email.

Please advise.