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Version Question

Some kind of Conficker type thing that is being warned about. I used my computer anyway early this morning. About 9 after I returned from my class, I had a message to reboot my BD due to an upgrade which is understandable due to the dire warnings about this horrible virus out there today. After the update, and re-registering, I noticed that I am now running on BD 2008 instead of the BD AV2009 which is what I purchased. So, I am not sure what to think or what is going on here but I am re-downloading the BD AV2009. My question is should I re-install the 2009 or leave the 2008 running which didn't appear there before? I won't do anything until this afternoon when the rest of my classes are over for the day. Thanks.


  • Hello RWeberWright,

    I never heard of a product update that will downgrade BitDefender 2009 back to 2008. Could you post a screenshot of the product right now? Also, please post the full version and build number of your product (you can find them by right clicking BitDefender's tray icon and choosing About).