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Trouble Starting Win Xp Pro 64 Bit W/ Bitdef 2009

Hello everyone...

I've bought Total Protection 2009 with 3 Licenses some weeks ago, on a Vista Machine the installation went well and system usage also is on a normal Level.

I've tried to install the same thing on my Laptop (Windows XP Pro 64 Bit Edition) - but as soon as I have installed the software - Windows Updates were blocked (e.g. some XML Core update was not installable) - I was able to solve this problem trough manual KB downloads and installations.

After some Usage BitDefender blocks my whole Windows installation (!) - If I start up the system and log in the icon does not show at all - if I start a program before the Icon (and the scan activity bar) are loaded - the whole system crashes! (the mouse still moves but i cannot click anything) - if this happens I have to do a cold reset of the whole system...

Is this normal usage!!?!?

I hope someone experienced this problem (or better found a solution to it :)).

Thanks for any answers!



  • In order to troubleshoot this issue we will need to have a look at some reports from your system. I have created an entry in the support database and sent you an e-mail regarding it.