Bd Crash At Startup


I am having the exact same problem as described by all users in this thread:

BD crashes at windows boot and give this message:

BitDefender Threat Scanner:

BitDefender encountered problems while processing the files below:

D:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Local Settings\Temp\bdc18.tmp

Do you want to send these files to BitDefender labs for analysis?

The file bdc18.tmp changes all the time. I tried to delete all those files at hand and reboot but I have the same problem each time I reboot.

I also tried the the solutions posted by users and it did not worked either. I am the only one administrator on this PC.

I run windows XP SP3 and bitdefender internet security 2009. Both are up to date.

I dont understand how is it possible that when 10 users reports the same problem on the OFFICIAL forum, nobody from BD tech team answers the thread to post a solution.

I've bought bitdefender one month ago and already have problems with it, I am kindla disapointed now.

I hope I can get an answer soon.




  • In order to determine the cause of this issue we'll have to take a look at the .tmp file created. I will send you an e-mail request for all the files needed, please reply to it when you have the time.