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Bdts And Bdis 2009 Detection Error - False Positive ?

pcbugfixer ✭✭✭
edited April 2009 in Bitdefender 2009 products

G'Day Folks,

I did send in (reported / sent) the ee.exe file which is the program from RobinHood Software - Evidence Eliminator (ee.exe) which BD suggests as being infected with the Gen:Trojan.Heur.VB.0453ACECEC.

This started on the 2 April, my time AEST and with the time variation would have been the 1st of April = April Fools Day in the USA and Europe, so I looked upon this as suspicious to start.

We have conducted other tests on this executable file with other Virus scanners and so far only BD suggests that this file is infected. Mind you we have been using this program since 2001 and have had BD on our systems starting with BD v7 up to the 2009 versions and only now does BD suggest this Trojan infection.

I suggest that it is a bug in the BD definition or other codes generating a false positive which needs to be urgently addressed and fixed, or other proof given that the infection is indeed present in the ee.exe file (program) !

As an associate of that Company I received this reply in my urgent questions regarding this matter,

"Hi Roger,

We have over the weekend received a mail box full of these complaints and are currently looking in to it further, it appears to be a buggy anti virus program that is at fault.

Anything downloaded from our website is 100% safe.

Best Regards,

William Chapman"

Anyone using the Evidence Eliminator (ee.exe) program may obtain further clarification by contacting Robin Hood Software Ltd on this link, Contact Robin Hood Software Ltd.



  • Sm3K3R
    Sm3K3R ✭✭✭

    Last time i had a false positive from BD i simply atached the file archived to my post.

    Some virus researcher will look into it for sure.

  • G'DAy Sm3K3R,

    I did send it in via the reporting system from my BDTS 2009 on the 2 April and would have thought that it would have been looked at by now, however it still detects the issue, so maybe not.


  • Hello pcbugpixer,

    Please put the suspected file in a password-protected archive (with the password infected). Then upload the resulting archive on a file-sharing site and send me through PM the download link. I will forward the file for analysis ASAP.


  • G'Day Chris

    file URL sent

    :ph34r: PCBUGFIXER

  • The file has been analyzed and detection has been removed.

    Thank you for reporting it, pcbugfixer. :)


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