Configuring Identity Control

This is actually a pre-install question. I just downloaded BD-AV 2009 at work and going to install when I get home.

Been reading the install PDF, when it comes to any DETAILS about Identity Control, there're ain't any <_<

I would like to protect my credit cards, BUT.....

I am a heavy online shopper, especially at Amazon. So if I add credit card protection, and DO NOT pre-set [Exceptions], what would happen when I go to my Amazon Cart to complete the order?

Amazon already has a credit card on record. Amazon is just one example of many such sites.

Do I have to pre-set [Exceptions] or can I set an exception from a Identity Control popup?


  • The Identity Control module was designed to allow you to create custom rules that will now allow that information to be sent out from your system by http , e-mail and IM traffic. If you create a rule for your credit card in the Identity Control module, then try to enter that credit card number into an on-line form BitDefender will not allow you to send out that information. The solution is to enter in Advanced View - Privacy Control - Identity Control - the Exceptions button the address of the website where you want to send out this information.

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    G'Day Tecknomage,

    Identity protection is in the forefront of our objectives, this includes Credit Card, Banking Account Numbers, etc and the related possible passwords that may be used.

    "NOW READ MY LIPS" as they say.

    The best protection you can get, is NOT to save or store any Credit Card, Banking, or any other confidential information including passwords related to these type of "Strictly Confidential" information on your Computer !

    i.e. it is best to enter these details / information, as needed for each transaction which is the safest and best protection against Identity theft from possible hackers / key logger infiltrations and others.

    Also to afford yourself of good protection against these Hacker and other possible intruders, Use Only one good Internet Security Suite like BDIS or BDTS 2009 and don't (I do NOT recommend) the use of different mixes (programs) of Security protection publishers programs, E.G. BDAV 2009 and Windows Firewall, just as one example, as in these mixes, the options and or functions they perform are at times duplicated and therefore create a conflict in the intended protection on your Computer and at times proving to be counterproductive and not performing the intended protection tasks !

    As they say, "You can observe and use this advise, or not!" your choice!