No Longer Protecting

I just got a call from the business I do tech support for and was told two computers are saying that Bit Defender is no longer protecting them. I'll go in today to try to learn what may be going on but our license is valid on those machines for another year and a half. Any clues why they would all of a sudden say it's not being protected? It may be as simple as some setting. I did recently set them to scan every week but that's the only change I can think of that was made...and it was just about a week ago that I set them for that. I can't get to the computers at the moment but 15 other machines are not what might cause Bit Defender to pop that message up?


  • Hello digibud,

    Please provide some details, like the version of BitDefender, operating systems, what other security applications you use (if any) and the exact messages that show up.