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Show Log Button Still Not Working

When i select the "Show Log" button in any of my performed task windows nothing happens. No log appears. No window opens. No message of explanation or error. The only evidence i notice is if I have my task manager open to view running processes I see Windows Explorer process (explorer.exe) open and close. There is no corresponding window that opens however. As I said, nothing happens.

I believe what is supposed to happen is my default browser (for me, Firefox) should open showing the log.

My system is:

Windows XP Pro 32 bit SP2 desktop, IE 7, Firefox 3

current with all updates, patches, hotfixes, drivers, etc. from Windows Update

clean, defragged system with no viruses (according to BD deep and full scans)

.xml files are associated with IE (when I double click them directly from the "logs" folder they open fine in IE) but can I dig somewhere where I can change the setting to open my logs from within BD?

I have been waiting almost a month for a reply to this.


  • We have acknowledged this issue and are currently working on a fix. We'll keep you posted on its status.