Using Command Line Or Windows Scheduled Task

I just installed bitdefender 2009 yesterday. I checked this morning and noticed that the scheduled full scan did not run overnight. I know that my account was not logged in overnight, and I did not see any options to tell the scheduled scan which account to use, so I am assuming that unless you stay logged in, the scheduled scan will not run.

So that leads me to this posting. Can someone provide me with the command line to run a full scan on all my drives so that I can setup a scheduled task via Windows to run this scan?




  • If you wish to set up a command prompt scan you can browse to:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Threat Scanner

    Inside the av32bit folder with the highest number you will have a file called "bdc.exe" - you will need to call upon this executable with the desired parameters (/f,/del etc. - you have the complete list of parameters upon accessing the help for bdc.exe) and the selected target (c:,d: drive etc.) to make a scan with the latest set of updates for BitDefender.

  • Ok... that looks like a way to do this thru the windows task scheduler.

    How about a way to get the bitdefender scheduler to login and run the scheduled task in it's scheduler? Is there a way to do this? The reason I am asking, is because it does not appear that the bdc.exe logs are tied into the logs in the Windows GUI version of bd.

    Is there also a way to tie the bdc.exe logs into the GUI logs?

    Thanks, Kevin