Internet Security Advanced Blue Screen


About 3 weeks ago I uninstalled Norton Antivirus Corporate and Webroot Spysweeper and installed BD Antivirus 2009. This worked very well, I could see the options in the Advanced view window.

Yesterday I installed BD Internet Security 2009 which as designed it un-installed AV. I now have a problem where I can see the Basic view, but when I turn on Advanced view nothing happens, I still see the Basic view window and when I close the window and come back in, the Advanced view shows me a blue window where I can't see anything.

I have a second computer that is pretty much identical to the one having the problem and Advanced view works fine.

I need to be able to get into the Advanced view to change the firewall settings to allow me to connect my other computer so that I can setup a network share, right now the program is preventing me from setting this up and is blocking access to the shared folder.

I have seen a couple of messages about this, but it does not seem to be the exact same problem.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Your response will be greatly appreciated.