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Screen Resolutin "out Of Range"

edited February 2022 in The Archive

I have the ATI radeon video built in on my computer, and the BitDefenderRescueCD_v2.0.0_16_03_2009 loads up to the point of launching the gui. Then it will flash momentarily a few times and end with an "out of range" message on the screen. I've had this problem with some Linux installation CD's, and can get around it by specifying a resolution, or by resolution=ask as an addendum to the boot kernel. I haven't figured out how to do this or any other trick with this Rescue CD.

By-the-way, I booted the same CD on my Dell d630 laptop, and it worked just fine. So, I'm sure it has something to do with the ATI radeon video.

My friend used this Rescue CD, and found four problems, one of them a self-regenerating trojan which had been plagueing him for months. If I could just get the screen resolution problem resolved, I'd be tickled pink.

Thanks for any help you can give with this.



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    Hello owa,

    If you wish to change the screen resolution for the bootable CD please boot from the Rescue CD, then enter the terminal mode, type "su" [Enter], then open "mc" and edit this file: /ramdisk/etc/x11/xorg.conf. In the "Screen" part of the file please leave only the part which refers to the entry for "16" and modify the values that you have for screen resolution with different ones in order to see which one boot_s the graphical interface. When you finish editing the file with a new resolution save it then restart the X server using CTRL + ALT and Backspace.