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Quarantine From Rescue Cd

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I just quarantined a file using the bitdefender rescue cd. Unfortunately, it was my mailbox and I would prefer to have it back. Is this possible in any way, and if so how can I retrieve it?

thanks in advance!


  • Unknown

    Hello mnboone,

    The BitDefender rescue CD uses your computer's RAM memory to boot and scan the hard drive. Due to the fact that the quarantine is stored in RAM and this is a volatile memory, if one of the files from the scan is stored there it will be deleted when you restart the system.

    Unfortunately there isn't any way to retrieve that file at this stage.

  • hnyaji

    Hi Diana,

    with BD rescue CD, can you make a quarantine folder on the drive, and keep the virus there, so that they could be restored later?


  • Unknown

    Hello hemanth,

    The BitDefender Rescue CD will initialize only in the RAM memory of your computer. This is a volatile memory so with every restart its contents is erased. If you scan the computer with BitDefender Rescue CD and you have to move a file to the quarantine zone that file will be deleted if you restart the system.

    The only way to save the files in the quarantine is to run the scan then save them onto a USB stick or any type of physical memory, then restart the computer.