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Rescue Cd Definations Update

edited February 2022 in The Archive

I have downloaded rescue CD ISO file (for linux).

Then Created bootable USB disk from it.

When I boot from USB and if I have internet, the virus definations are downloaded perfectly.

But when I turn off the PC and again boot from rescue USB. The updates (definations) are gone.

How to permantly store the updates in USB.

or tell me how to update it "OFFLINE"



  • Unknown
    edited September 2009

    Hello shaktiprasad,

    The bootable iso for BitDefender will only use the RAM memory of your computer to load and store information as long as you have it running. RAM memory, as you know, is volatile and once the power connection is interrupted for it (like in the case of a restart) all the information will be lost - unfortunately there isn't any way to store the virus definitions for this product onto a hard copy, you will have to download them each time you boot your system from a bootable CD/USB.

  • diana bele,, do you mean that the bitdefender definitions update will back to normal? not permantly store the updates in USB?..,, thanks

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    Hello warren flores,

    The RescueCD uses the RAM memory of your system to load and store data. RAM memory is erased with every system restart thus all the virus definitions that are downloaded in a session will be erased once you restart that system. And no, they are not stored onto the USB or CD that you used to boot the system from simply because Knoppix does not make any alterations to the CD (since these are by default read-only it couldn't) or to the bootable USB drive that contains the boot image.

  • ok.,.,thank you very much!!!! godbless ^^