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Firewall Problem With Ics


Hi everyone,

I have this absurd problem with bd IS2009 firewall. I've connected a laptop to my PC and run ICS to use the pc bb connection on the laptop. both computers have bitdefender installed on them and the firewalls are on. (all other firewalls like One-care and windows fw are off) Everything is OK on my PC. the problem is I cannot open any pages on my laptop until I turn PC 's firewall off.

The details that u may need to know are that I can ping and all other websites by thir IPs but not with their names. I tried to use the nslookup while firewall is ON, got nothing but Dns timed out. I checked it with both my ISP DNS servers and 192.168. 0.1 which needless to say is my PC's local IP.

The problem is gone when turn off bd firewall on pc.

Both computers are running on Vista.

How should I solve this issue?


  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello vilamor ,

    Please try performing the following steps on your PC:

    1. Open BitDefender, go to the Advanced View button in the upper menu and click on Firewall .

    2. On the current "Network Type", pull down the drop-down menu and select "Trusted Local", Stealth to "No" and Generic to "Yes". In the Zones area please click on the "+" sign and add the IP address of the local device (laptop) ;

    3. Also please go to the Status tab, click on the "Advanced Settings" button and check the option called "Enable Internet Connection Sharing" . Now please uncheck "Block Port scan" as well and click OK. Test in order to see if the connectivity issue is still present.

    You should also follow these instructions on your laptop and test if this issue persist .

    Thank you .

  • I had the exact same problem and can confirm that the issue is solved with the above solution.

    this saved me a bunch of headache, thank you.