Problems After Install Bitdefender Internet Security 2010


After install Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 i got some problems:

1. sometime the computer become freeze and i have to press the power button to power off and restart.

2. The internet connectiom become very slow (disable or remove bitdefender the problems fixed)

3. Comflicted with Uttorrent. when i use uttorent to download a Linux Ubuntu Disc on the P2P network, after a while the internet connectton got lost. i have to restart the computer to fix it. when i dont use uttorrent, the network connection doesn't get lost. and when i remove bitdefender and use utorrent to download, the internet connection work ok. I also tried to uninstall the internet adapter's driver and reinstall, the problem still the same.

PS: i install it on Windows 7


  • i even can't not start window 7 .

    When it starts , the dead blue screen appears.

  • kebactinh,

    Could you also please go to the Windows\Minidump folder and send us the minidump file?

    You can use a online filesharing service, because i don't know if you can attach the minidump file on the forum.

  • I have an HP Pavilion a1023c, I have been running BitDefender Internet Security 2009 on the system with windows 7 for the last 6 months with no problems. Last night I upgraded from BitDefender 2009 to the 2010 Internet Security. After the Bitdefender installer restarted the system the computer booted up to the login screen, but when you try to log in to an account the computer crashes with a Blue Screen of Death, and restarts.

    I had to do a fresh install of windows in order to fix the problem, and I once again tried to install 2010 Internet Security, same thing happened again after a fresh install of windows.

    Any Ideas?


    HP Pavilion a1023c

    Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz

    3.0 GB DDR2 RAM

    225GB Hard drive 7200 RPM

    Windows 7 32bit (7100)

  • I have a Blue screen problem too

    when remove Bitdefender Internet security 2010 My Problem fixed.

    OS:Windows 7 version7600

    RAM:4GB DDR2

    CPU:Intel Q6600

  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello soheil ,

    In order to troubleshoot this sittuation we recommend you to follow the steps bellow :

    1. Please go to the next location : C:\WINDOWS\Minidump and look after the dump file(s) created while you had BitDefender installed . Usually , after a blue screen error message appears this type of files are automatically created in this location and they have the following format :Mini072809-01.dmp , where 07 represents the month , 28 the day and 09 the current year .

    2. Look after the minidump report(s) created while you had BitDefender installed , create a new folder on your desktop for example , copy them in that folder then archive that folder .

    3. After that , go to the next location and upload that archive .

    We are waiting your reply with the download link .

    Thank you .

  • Hi Alex,

    not found minidump folder in windows directory :(

    This is Blue Screen Text:


  • Yesterday i have installed BDIS 2010 on Windows 7 RTM Professional 64bit. Instalation successful - no errors. BUT... surprise: hybrid sleep doesn't work anymore. When i pres sleep, the pc enters in some kind of sleep state (the monitor shuts down, but the coolers and hard drives still spinning). Hybrid sleep means all the components are shut down, only the RAM is powered to retain the previous session - like in hybernate. The next ugly thing is that you cannot wake up the pc. No matter what buttons you press, including power button. The restart button is the only solution. And.....another surprise: after reset, the bios can't find any keyboard (USB keyboard at least). Have to unplug the PC from 220v and replug it (or shut down the power supply).

    I have reinstalled Windows today, installed only BDIS 2010, same problems. Uninstalled BD, everything back to normal.

    My pc: AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core, Asus M3N-H/HDMI, CORSAIR TWIN2X4096-8500C5 (4 GB), Geforce 9800 GT, HDD 2 x 250 GB Samsung (RAID 0), Thermaltake power supply etc...

  • @Chickenlittle

    Can you please tell us the exact OS, is it 32bit or 64bit Win7?

    What internet adapter are you using and how are you connecting to the internet? Do you have direct connection or you are behind a home router?

    Do you have Nvidia Network Access Manager installed?


    As Alex said before, could you find a minidump file?

    Did you install BD2010 over BD2009, or you uninstalled first BD2009 then installed BD2010.

    For the login BSOD issue i would recommend to uninstall BD in Safe Mode using the uninstall tool,reboot, then install BD2010 again. Maybe some module from BD2009 did not uninstall correctly.


    This issue is being fixed, and will be available via Update on Tuesday, 25 of August.

  • chickenlittle
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    Can you please tell us the exact OS, is it 32bit or 64bit Win7?

    What internet adapter are you using and how are you connecting to the internet? Do you have direct connection or you are behind a home router?

    Do you have Nvidia Network Access Manager installed?

    I install bitdefender IS on windows 7 ultimate X86, and it blocked my internet when i am using utorrent (when i turn off either bitdefender or utorrent, the netwotk work fine) and sometime my computer become freeze, i have to shut down by using the power button. After i got some many problem with bitdefender IS , i uninstall and install Bitdefender AV, the problem is the same.

    PS: install on windows 7 ultimate x86, realtek internet adapter and i didn't have Nvidia Network Access Manager installed?

  • Update: i also install bitdefender IS on a different machine with diferent system and same windows 7 and it just working fine (utorrent is not installed on this computer yet)

  • chickenlittle
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    1 More Problem.

    When i used Dim the dipslay or Standby mode on Windows 7, the computer became freeze. I had to use the power button to turn off the computer.


    this is the dump file

    please tell me when bitdefender fix it.

    my email is :

  • I installed 2010 after many, many problems with 2009 on desktop and laptop, both running Win XP . . . and, now I have no protection - freezes when trying to update virus list; nightmare installation - could not remove 2009, and so on; no response from tech suppt

    it is time to say uncle and get another system; anyone have something to recommend??

  • i used to try another IS but i don't like it ( kaspersky).

    I like bitdefender more.

    please fix the problem soon.looking forward to using bitdefender.

  • I've used BD right up til now. 2010 has been nothing but problems. I have dual booted my pc with XP and WIndows 7. I could not run BD 2010 on windows 7. It had numerous problems. It would deactivate the protection, then I would repair that , then it would deactivate the updates etc. It went round and round. I have liked BD for a long time, but applications stopped running and other stuff was getting blocked. I uninstalled BD 2010 and installed Trend Micro. Have not had the problems since. I am using 2009 TIS on my XP drive with great success, but 2010 is not stable enough for me to trust and put back in at this time. :(

  • have you finished fixing the problems especially my problem ( blue screen) . I'm tired of waiting. now my computer isn't under any protection .

  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello kebactinh,

    It seems that in your particular case, the Blue Screen error message was caused by a driver called : AN983.sys . Most probably this driver belongs to your Network Card which I think it is ADMtek AN983 10/100Mbps PCI Adapter . That is why we need you to go to the next location :C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers, look after AN983.sys driver, upload it on a free upload site and then send us the download link .

    Also, it will be great if you can send us a sydump report. You can find details on how to obtain it in the following article: .

    Thank you .

  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello highaltitude and Casey80424,

    Casey80424 : We have sent you a reply to the emails that we got from you . Let us know if you still have the same issues after you follow the instructions from our email .

    highaltitude : It will be great if you can send us a sydump report, generated on your Windows 7 system, as described in the email that we have sent you .

    Looking forward to your replies .

    Thank you .


    here's what you want.

    thanks so much

  • After Reading so many probs with BDIS-2010 , I am afraid to install it .Plz techie guys (Technical Support) help me out.

    I am waiting for ur response,should i install it or not ? :(

  • I have a Blue screen problem too and then windows restart

    when bitdefender solve the problem :(

    windows xp sp3

    ram: 512

    cpu:2.0 ghz celero :( n

  • chickenlittle
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    2 More Problems:

    1: When i opened bitdefender expert user interface, i got this.



    2:Vulnerability does not remember my setting

    Please fix it.

  • I have a Blue screen problem too :(

    it's my Dump File

  • techno2001
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    thank you for support

    first i stop <<BdfNdisf>> service

    i start normaly windows

    windows start with out any problem

    but Bitdefender Firewall were disabled

    i start <<BdfNdisf>> service Again

    This time, Windows does not start & blue screen of death problem occurred again.

    When i press the sleep can not wake up windows.

  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello soheil,

    We have sent you an email with a patch that should solve the blue screen error . Reply to our email please if the same issue occurs.

    Thank you .

  • HI

    Thank you very much.

    after installation patch,blue screen of death problem Was solved.

    But i have another problem,that is my internet connection is complete busy always


    when i erase it my problem become solve.

    Please help me! :rolleyes:

  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello soheil,

    when i erase it my problem become solve.

    Can you tell us what steps have you performed in solving this issue?

    Thank you .

  • Uninstalled BitDefender and it STILL causes Blue Screen of Death after going into sleep mode.

    Vista 64 PC

    Please, please help.



    here's the dump file.


  • The blue screen also appeared on my screen when I rebooted and I can't get rid of it unless I removed Bitdefender Internet Security 2010. Can anyone please help me?

  • Hi melmel,

    Looking into our database I see you have a ticket and one of my colleagues gave you a reply. In case the solution he sent you will not solve the issue you have, please reply to his e-mail.

    Thank you.

  • pigmon

    Please let me have the solution too, my pc was stucked and cant even use for internet even i deleted BD 2010

  • Hi pigmon,

    Sorry for the delay. In order to help you please give me more details about your situation (when it occurs, do you receive an error message ?). Also, tell me what operating system are you using and how much RAM memory does he have ?

    Looking forward for your answer.

  • Hi,

    I successfully installed BD 2010 in Windows 7 -32Bit. But when it updated for virus definitions so at that time got some BD critical error and installation failure.

    After that the system restarted and now each time I boot up, the system hangs at the desktop. I cant do anything. I always need to press the power button to get system restarted.

    Please help.

  • Hi smartyx99,

    In order to fix your situation I would recommend you to upgrade for FREE to BitDefender 2011. In the following link you have all the information you need to install it:

    Thank you!

  • smartyx99
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    Hi smartyx99,

    In order to fix your situation I would recommend you to upgrade for FREE to BitDefender 2011. In the following link you have all the information you need to install it:

    Thank you!

    But i cant even move the cursor on the desktop. as I click on any file/folder it stucks. I need to poweroff the PC manually.

    How do I install it in such a situation?

    System restore from safe mode is also not working.

    May be reinstallation of Windows is only the last solution?

    I also do not find any minidump file in c\windows so that I can upoad it for ur testing.

  • Hi smartyx99,

    In order to further investigate the issue you described, I need you to save the SYSDUMP utility on your system into a location of your

    choice, run it and then send me a PM with the log generated by it:

    In your message please mention if you have this situation since you removed our 2010 version.

    Note that you will find files in C:\Windows\Minidump only in case you receive Blue Screen of Death on your Desktop.

    Thank you!

  • Hi tenant,

    In order to fix your situation I would recommend you to upgrade for free to BitDefender 2011. Before going through the upgrade process, I need to know if this new version is compatible with your system. If you want, you can send me a PM with a Screen Shot with your system configuration or just tell me your general hardware specs (CPU, RAM, System Type...).

    In order to see your system configuration, right click on the MyComputer icon present on your desktop and choose Properties.

    How to take a Screenshot:

    1. When the window is on the screen please press the "PrintScreen" key ("PrintScreen" is located at the top of the keyboard, at right. At this step we can not see anything, as the picture is copied into Windows's clipboard);

    2. Open a graphic editing application (We recommend using the standard Paint program, that comes with every Windows installation (Start > Program > Accessories > Paint));

    3. Paste the picture in a new Paint document;

    4. Save the file in JPEG format.

    Thank you!

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