Exporting And Importing


I would like the Support personnel to indicate which areas of BD can be successfully exported/imported. And what would be the procedures to do so. This would be great for a small workgroup environment, or upon new builds.


  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello CFpoet,

    Unfortuantely, the only settings that can be saved in BitDefender 2009 are those related to the Antispam module : the spammers list and the friends list . In order to do this, open BitDefender, click on the Switch to Advanced View button then choose the Antispam module. Here, click on Manage Friends for example, then click on Save . Select the location were you want to save the file and then choose Save.

    Next time you will reinstall BitDefender, under the Manage Friends location you will be able to load the list that you just saved.

    If you have any other questions please reply to this post.

    Thank you .