Identity Control Not Working For Smtp


I've been fiddling around with the identity control option. To test it, I've installed a rule with rule type name and rule data 'eric'. I've checked the boxes 'Scan HTTP', 'Scan Smtp', 'Scan IM' and I've unchecked the boxes 'Match whole words' and 'Match case'.

Now when I fill in the name Eric on a website, I get a message in my browser telling me that bitdefender has blocked it, as I expected. But when I send an e-mail to myself with the name Eric in it, it is send and I receive it with the name Eric visible. I've tried the same with the first 4 characters of a password (with rule type 'password') and it too gets send and received. Am I missing something or is it just not working?

I'm using outlook 2003 and I am using a different port for smtp (might have something to do with it?).

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  • Hello Eric,

    Unfortunately, BitDefender currently supports only default POP3 (110) and SMTP (25) ports. Other protocols or custom ports are not currently monitored/filtered.


  • Ok, at least I know why it's not working.

    Thanks for the reply,