Application.generic.222070 Delete Failed

BitDefender Log File

Product : BitDefender Internet Security 2009

Version : BitDefender UIScanner v.12

Scanning task : Contextual Scan

Log date : 22/9/2552 9:47:20

Log path : C:\Users\kiattisak\AppData\Roaming\BitDefender\Desktop\Profiles\Logs\contextual\1253587640_1_02.xml

Scan Paths:Path 0000: J:\

Scan Options:Scan for viruses : Yes

Scan for adware : Yes

Scan for spyware : Yes

Scan for applications : Yes

Scan for dialers : Yes

Scan for rootkits : No

Target Selection Options:Scan registry keys : No

Scan cookies : No

Scan boot sectors : No

Scan memory processes : No

Scan archives : Yes

Scan runtime packers : Yes

Scan emails : Yes

Scan all files : Yes

Heuristic Scan : Yes

Scanned extensions :

Excluded extensions :

Target Processing:Default action for infected objects : Disinfect

Default action for suspicious objects : None

Default action for hidden objects : None

Default action for encrypted infected objects : None

Default action for encrypted suspicious objects : None

Default action for password-protected objects : Prompt for password

Scan engines summaryNumber of virus signatures : 4239033

Archive plugins : 44

Email plugins : 6

Scan plugins : 13

System plugins : 5

Unpack plugins : 8

Overall scan summaryScanned items : 3112

Infected items : 1

Suspicious items : 0

Resolved items : 0

Unresolved items : 1

Password-protected items : 0

Overcompressed items : 0

Individual viruses found : 1

Scanned directories : 208

Scanned boot sectors : 0

Scanned archives : 143

Input-output errors : 1

Scan time : 00:01:38

Files per second : 31

Scanned processes summaryScanned : 0

Infected : 0

Scanned registry keys summaryScanned : 0

Infected : 0

Scanned cookies summaryScanned : 0

Infected : 0

Remaining issues:Object Name Threat Name Final Status

J:\RECYCLER\S-5-3-42-2819952290-8240758988-879315005-3665\jwgkvsq.vmx Application.Generic.222070 Delete Failed


  • Hello kiattisak,

    Please follow the steps bellow :


    - go to your "Control Panel" and open "Folder Options";

    - then go to the "View" tab and perform the changes listed below:

    * check "Display contents of system folders"

    * check "Show hidden files and folders"

    * uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types"

    * uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"

    - click "Apply" and then "OK" to exit.

    NOTE: On Microsoft Windows Vista you will apply the same steps except for selecting "Display contents of system folders".

    2. Disable the BitDefender Real Time Protection

    In order to disable the real-time protection please open BitDefender, "switch to Advanced View", go to "Antivirus" > "Shield" and click on "Real-time protection is enabled", select the time interval that suites your troubleshooting needs and click "OK" (the message will change to "Real-time protection is disabled"). The real-time protection should be enabled after performing the troubleshooting procedure.

    3. Save the GMER tool (and then extract it if needed) to a location of your choice:



    4. Make sure you close all active applications and then run the tool;

    5. Allow the tool a few moments to load up and perform the initial scan;

    6. In the upper left of the GMER window, you will see the tab "Rootkit/Malware" and ">>>"; Please click on ">>>"; Next click on the tab "Files";

    7. Use the tree list on the left to browse and the list on the right to locate the infected file:


    8. Once you located the file select it with one click (in the list on the right), then press the button "Delete"; A new window will open asking you to confirm (choose "Yes");

    9. Close the tool once this operation is completed;

    10. Reboot the computer.

    Thank you .