I recently decided to reinstall limewire, but found that after installing bitdefender total security, I was unable to connect to limewire.

I uninstalled limewire, after turning off my firewall in bitdefender, and decided to install frostwire instead, however I am still encountering the same problem, the program (Frostwire) hangs at the 'starting connection' screen and does not connect.

My firewall is still disabled, so I don't know what the problem could be.


  • Hello Rhemsis,

    Please follow the steps bellow:

    1. Click on Start from Windows, choose Run then type ncpa.cpl then click on Ok.

    2. Right-click your "Local Area Connection" and choose Properties.

    3. In the list of items, it is possible that you have "BitDefender Firewall NDIS Filter Driver". If you see it in the list please remove the check-mark for it then click on Ok.

    Test to see if you have the same issues.

    Thank you .