Realtime Protection Disables Itself

Whenever I open the control pan & click on settings, under online protection, realtime is unchecked. I check it. Close it & reopen & it's unchecked again.

What gives?


  • According to Belard Advisor, the real time file scaning is disabled & I cannot keep it enabled.

    Is this a feature that is broken in Win7 just like the firewall is?

  • Hello L.o.D.,

    We recommend you to run the patch available at the next link: . If this workaround will not solve this issue, we recommend you to upgrade for free to BitDefender 2010 following the steps from the next article .

    Thank you .

  • Bitdefender has detected a trojan in that patch file & has quarentined it.

  • Ok, when I try to run the patch, it tells me it cannot find the path specified.

    I cannot move it to the BD folder.

  • Alex Stanciu
    Alex Stanciu ✭✭
    edited September 2009

    Hello L.o.D.,

    1. Please follow the next link: and download the "vshield.xml" file on your system .

    2. Now, start your computer in Safe Mode :

    - restart the computer;

    - repeatedly press the "F8" key several times before Microsoft Windows begins

    to load (you need to press "F8" until you will be displayed a text menu);

    - select "SAFE MODE" in the text menu and press "Enter".

    - wait while Windows loads in Safe Mode; this process ends with a confirmation

    message; click "Yes" to acknowledge.

    3. Copy the vshield.xml file in the next location : C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2010 and choose Yes when you will be asked if you want to replace the file.

    4. Now start your computer in Normal Mode and let us know if the same issues occurs .

    Thank you .

  • Replaced the xml file in safe mode, restarted & checked the settings. Realtime is still unchecked.

    So will try the 2010 version now.

  • I have 2010 installed & just need to know how do I tell if realtime file scanning is on?

    Would that be the file activity graph under expert mode?