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Bit Defender Total Security 2009 Issues


Having issues with BD TS 2009 for at least a month or more now.

1) BD is unable to clean a malware file

2) BD will never respond to "Fix This Issue" when asking it to perform Malware scan

3) BD will give me the grey screen "BD Services Unavailable"

4) I'm very unhappy with BD Total Security 2009

5) The controls are not user friendly - the buttons don't depress or give you any indication a button has been clicked

6) Running scans, defining tasks WAY too complicated and confusing

7) BD does not respond consistently except when bugged issues are present

8) Very unhappy with this product. Did I mention that already?

9) I've WASTED hours trying to tweak, run, protect, update, and get this thing running properly

10) BD is the most finicky and buggy antivirus program I've ever owned since 1996

11) No chat is available and is deceptive on web site. Makes you think you can chat but you can't

12) Filling out forms is ridiculous to get help. I had to reboot a couple of times just to get BD to start properly so I could dig and find my stinkin' registration key so I could report the trouble BD is causing even though I have an established account with BD. Once I filled out their stupid online "support" form, listed my problems in detail, the page would not accept that stupid security code even though I refreshed a dozen times for a dozen new codes. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

13) I have 274 days left on my subscription. Can I get a refund if I retun the disk and box?


  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello la157m3,

    We are sorry that BitDefender did not worked for you as you expected and please rest assure that you will have all of our attention in solving the issues that you encountered. You said that you have an infected file which cannot be deleted. There are some cases, when BitDefender is not able to take any actions when an infected file is found due to the nature or the size of the malware . If you can provide us the scan log we will gladly tell you how you can delete this file manually.

    Most of the other issues that were described in your post have been solved through our latest product and that is why we recommend you to upgrade for free to BitDefender 2010 following the steps from the next topic. However, it is recommended to do this after you remove the infected file that was detected by BitDefender.

    In order to retrieve us the scan report, please open BitDefender and click on click the "History" link on the lower right. Click the "Antivirus" tab on the left and in the "On-demand tasks" list (the one on the bottom) look for the latest (closest to the top) entry that reads "Deep System Scan" under the "Task Name" column and "Scan Finished" under the "Name of the action". Double-click this entry and click the "View Scan Log" button at the bottom of the window that just popped up. A browser window will open displaying the scan report. Save this file on a location of your choice, upload it on then post here the download link .

    Thank you.

  • la157m3
    edited December 2009

    I uninstalled BitDefender 2009 using the uninstall tool and completely removed it from the system according to support recommendations.

    I installed BitDefender 2010 and have had no issues....until now.

    Now BitDefender 2010 has an error message saying update is disabled and cannot install or even check for updates. Several re-boot_s and attempts at resolving the problems have failed.

    I'm going to uninstall BitDefender 2010 today and consider the $60.00 I THREW AWAY FOR BITDEFENDER as tuition in the School of Hard Knocks, division of EPIC FAILURE in Antivirus Software Studies.

    Thanks for teaching me to NEVER spend money on anything that's even closely related or tied to ANYTHING BitDefender does.

  • I'm facing somewhat same problems with my BDIS 2009... seems like am gonna dump it for now... BD needs to do lot of testing to make their sw stable..

    -Another unhappy customer.

  • BD, what are you people doing over there to release a product so full of bugs... I am seeing WAY TOO MANY problems here and other forums as well... I have 15 days left on my 2008 subscription and was thinking of the 2010 version but now I'm reading WAY TOO MANY complaints and problems now...

    I'm sorry that la157m3 was having those problems but that complaint alone (After reading many others) was the straw that broke the camels back for me... Unfortunate too, you people have a really nice program layout...