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Scan Crash On Hd

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BitDefender's Rescue CD is wonderful. Thank you for making it freely available. It runs fine on my system HD (Maxtor) and on a Western Digital but the scanner crashes on a second WD HD. I can get the exact model of the HD tomorrow if you would care to have it but I am currently scanning my system. I have run diagnostics on the HD with tools WD provides for thier disks and there seems to be nothing wrong. I guess I can always attempt to do a chkdsk via XP.


  • Hello Chillywilly,

    Please be so kind as to tell us:

    - what error message you receive when scanning that HDD;

    - what type of connector do you use for connecting the HDD to the motherboard (IDE/SATA/USB) ;

    - the exact version of the WD HD and motherboard that you use.


  • Diana,

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for my tardy response. To answer your questions:

    1. There was no error message. The scan ran on the HDD in question for approximately 15 minutes and puff it was gone. The Linux shell/OS (sorry if my nomenclature is off but I am a Linux noob) were left intact. I was able to reproduce this behavior. It's probably in some document that I overlooked but I am more then willing to look at a log if directed to its location.

    2. The HDD in question (D:) is a slave to my system (C:) both are identified by the Bios as on the primary pin connector. I have 2 CD/DVDs on secondary. All are EIDE connected via IDE. I have a floppy on its own connector. One last thing that may matter is that my (E:) drive is on a PCI expansion card (Promise UltraATA133 Tx2 EIDE) so that I can have a 3rd HDD. The E: HDD (also a WD but different model) scans without a problem. I know it's a lot of junk. What can I say? I collect stuff.

    3. The HDD is a Western Digital WD800JB-00CRA1. The motherboard is AsusTex P4T-E (Award BIos v.6).

    If there are any other questions let me know. Thanks again.


  • Unknown
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    Hello Chillywilly,

    Please try the following:

    Provided that the hard drive is labeled /dev/sda and the partition /dev/sda1(this may be different in your case, it depends on how Knoppix mounts the drives) please run the following commands:



    umount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1

    ntfsfix /dev/sda1

    mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1

    Now try again to scan using:

    bdscan --log=/root/bdscan.log

    Now open up a new terminal and type:

    tail -f /root/bdscan.log

    In this new terminal you can see where the scan crashes or if it gives you any errors.


  • It seems to me that data from scanner could be used to create STL files as well as gray scale bitmaps. I see no reason why the scanning depth could not also be increased. It would really be cool to be able to scan a larger object and then use the STL importer to slice it up for carving.