Problem With Active Virus Control

Everytime I go to certain websites, drudgereport, rottentomatoes, and some others, the websites often will close and more or less refresh. A bitdefender popup opens in the right hand corner with this message: iexplore.exe has been terminated because it was deemed harmful by Active Virus Control

This is a really frustrating issue and has only started happening a couple of weeks ago.


  • Hello,

    Can you please create an export reg file with the following key, from your registry?


    If you don't know how to do that, please follow these steps:

    1. Open Registry Editor (start, run, type regedit and click OK)

    2. Browse your registry to the key that I've mentioned.

    3. Right click on the MidasHeurScanner key name, and click Export.

    4. Choose a location and a name for the .reg file, and click Save.

    Please attach the file (or copy/paste its contents) here.

  • rOB300
    edited October 2009

    i cant upload the .reg file for some reason. but here is the contents..... the smily face is actually just B)

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    "UserId"=hex( B) :44,cc,96,98,d2,9e,f6,24

    "PluginsFolder2"="C:\\Program Files\\BitDefender\\BitDefender 2010\\Active Virus Control\\midas64-v2_40\\"

    "PluginsFolder"="C:\\Program Files\\BitDefender\\BitDefender 2010\\Active Virus Control\\midas64-v2_41\\"




    "MidascommDir"="C:\\Program Files\\BitDefender\\BitDefender 2010\\"




  • sry, the smily face is B ) with no space.

  • I think I've identified the problem, it is a false positive, so there's nothing to worry about, your system is not infected.

    Thank you for this report, we will deliver an update soon.