Install To Windows 7 Is Slowing My Laptop

I recently installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2009, to my new Windows 7 laptop.

I installed it using the auto start-up wizard when inserting the disc into my laptop.

It installed fine, but my computer continued to go into non-responce mode, and my computer became very slow.

I have recently restored my computer to an earlier point in time, and my computer is back to full speed.

Is there any reason why it does not work on my computer, and how can i solve this?

The Bitdefender key is currently only being used on 1 other computer, my laptop running Vista, and it is fine on that.


  • Hello Optimistic Rebel,

    BitDefender 2009 is not compatible with Windows 7 and that is why we recommend you upgrade for free to BitDefender Internet Security 2010 following the steps from the next article.

    Thank you.