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Cleaning Boot Sector

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I think I have boot sector virus. That's why I downloaded and made bootable CD (2010 version). Scan passed good. It also found 11 more viruses. Now I'm stucked. I'm affraid to delete those files because I have xp installed and this is knoppix. Files that are infected are not system files, so I can delete them without thinking. I only worry about ntfs system. I know that there were problems with editing files in ntfs format if you edited them with knoppix (few years ago). If I delete them, would it cause any damage on my disks?

Second question is about boot sector virus. How can I clean it? AFter I finish with "Defender antivirus scanner for unices" can I close that application and start ChkRooKkit application? And after I'm done how can I exit knoppix?

I will wait for your answer cause I'm affraid going on alone. Thank you for your help.

This is the fastest scanner I've ever used.



Sorry for my bad english :(


  • I've done everything except I cleand what I wanted, boot virus. I started ChkRootKit and it showed me this. I suppose that it has some connection with virus. But I don't know how to clean it. And will I damage my disk (ntfs system) if I try to fix boot sector with knoppix?





    Any help is welcome.


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    Hello Sedma,

    To answer your first question, you shouldn't encounter any issues after deleting NTFS files with the Rescue CD if the files that were deleted are not system files.

    In order to troubleshoot MBR infections please be so kind as to contact support here - we will provide you with specific tools for troubleshooting these types of infections.