Bd2009 Found Gen:adware.heur.ju4 Type Virus.


Hi there... I'm using the free version of BitDefender 2009. It found the virus I listed above, but was unable to take any action.

I apologize that I'm not very technologically inclined, so my understanding and ability to explain my situation is pretty limited. Fortunately, I got a screencapture of my findings.


I tried to take a look at the Temporary Internet Files folder where the file is apparently located, though it turned out to be completely empty. 8< The protective software I have on my computer right now are Avira, Snoopfree Privacy Shield, MalwareBites and Ad-Aware (the last two which I don't use as often).

Can anyone help me get rid of the beast the other programs didn't pick up on? Thanks so much.


  • csalgau

    Windows Explorer does not allow proper viewing of the Temporary Internet Files folder. Please write more of the path in the address bar. You should be able to view the content in Temporary Internet Files\content.IE5\R0HYXC12\

    Please upload upgrade[1].cab file somewhere and provide a link to it for further investigation. Help on how to do this has already been provided in the forums.

    Thank you.

  • I ended up caving in to encouragement from a friend to delete the questionable file right away (it was stuck in an archive I was wary about unpacking) - so I ended up manually getting rid of the virus by dumping the weirdly-named folder it was in. I rebooted the computer and it runs just fine; above all, BitDefender is no longer picking up a threat, so I think everything's okay for now.

    If I encounter another virus that cannot be removed, I will try and upload it somewhere, as you said. The upgrade[1].cab file comes up in Google searches which lead back to different threads on this forum, so I'm guessing this virus is already pretty common these days. Thank you very much for the information regarding Windows Explorer, though; it was helpful.