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My Documents -?


Bit Defender's geek developers and designers need a bit of a shake. This is, sadly, standard. BD developers are not alone in not bothering to be clear. Plain English is something a lot of people, even those who are smart as ######, are not good at.

I use the scheduler and it is set to scan once a week, using full scan. I don't know the difference between deep and full and it's not made clear anywhere that I can see. Anyway, I just now noticed that in my scan settings, it tells me that My Documents have never been scanned. Or does that mean 'never been scanned as a result of scheduling?' And what is My Documents?, because it appears to be my entire hard drive. I went ahead and started to scan My Documents, thinking it was going to be short and sweet, and as far as I can tell, it's my entire C drive, which I could scan two times in a row, but didn't set out to do here.

I just ran an Ad-Aware scan because the Spybot program I also use loaded twice, which I find very suspicious. I found one tracker, which is what I usually find these days. But even as I type this I'm also being bombarded with Bit Defender warnings. I'm getting a constant message about something wrong and zero helpful info from the message box about what it is. I click on a link that shows me a file that means nothing to me. It looks like a file within the BD program. I'm also getting the error message, about Bit Defender, that wants to know whether I want to send it to Microsoft.

I'm thinking it's not BD. The taskbar icon is fine. This BD message box wants info from me about my problem and I'm thinking it wants info for someone who shouldn't have it.

Between bad people out there who are good at deceit and good people, like BD developers who are geeks who don't care about how mysterious their products are to buyers of them as long as they (the geeks) understand them, I'm not doing so well.

Any thoughts folks?


  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello Arby,

    The "My Documents" scan task , will scan the following locations from your system :

    C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\My Documents

    C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\Desktop

    C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    In order check this, open BitDefender, click on the Switch to Advanced View button and select the Antivirus module. Click on the Virus Scan tab and right click on the My Documents scan task. Choose "Paths" and let us know if here you will see the location listed above.

    Also, please take some screen-shots of the warnings that you constantly receive, upload them on, then post here the download links.

    Thank you.