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Having to use the Rescue CD because can't boot in safe mode or regular mode. So decided to try the Microsoft online scan, but they only use Internet Explorer. I only have the Firefox icon on my BitDefender desktop. Am trying to see if there is a way to run an exe file to open IExplorer. I can navigate to the Internet Explorer folder and find iexplorer.exe file, but can't figure out how to run it. Can anyone help me?

Thank you.



  • Well, after a little more research, I discovered BitDefender is not using Firefox but a Linux browser. And therefore, probably not any way to achieve an online scan. I do hope this is NOT the case and there is a way to activate IE. Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Hello enstorms,

    BitDefender Rescue CD runs on Knoppix which is a Linux operating system - Internet Explorer is Microsoft proprietary so unfortunately you cannot run it using the BitDefender Rescue CD.